Within the SENSIndoor project, novel sensor systems for extremely sensitive, highly selective and long-term stable operation will be studied and developed for advanced control of indoor air quality. The project shall make use of both physical and chemical nanotechnologies for sensor components, MEMS technology for component realization and system integration as well as advanced signal processing and networking to integrate sensors into building control systems.

SENSIndoor will achieve this overall aim by realizing the following specific objectives:

  • Identification of priority application scenarios for demand controlled ventilation based on comprehensive indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment.
  • Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) and Gas-sensitive Field Effect Transistor (GasFET) sensors, containing novel nanocrystalline gas sensitive materials, will be used as complementary sensor technologies with unrivalled sensitivity for hazardous indoor air pollutants, especially volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Use of nanotechnology based selective preconcentrators for boosting sensitivity and selectivity by at least two orders of magnitude.
  • Optimized dynamic operation of gas sensors and pre-concentrators combined with advanced data evaluation to further enhance selectivity and improve long-term stability.
  • Integration of sensors and pre-concentrators in complex multi-sensor systems and demonstration of their performance in lab and field tests.

The final aim of the project is an integrated multi-sensor system tested in a field test for health and energy optimized IAQ control.