The Division of Applied Sensor Science, Dept. of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, at Linköping University (LiU) was established around the development of chemical sensors with silicon carbide (SiC) based MOSFET devices for high temperature (200-600°C) sensing applications, such as emissions monitoring, combustion control and exhaust after-treatment, as the main focus of research. The head of division, Prof. Anita Lloyd Spetz, also holds a 50% position within the Microelectronics and Materials Physics Laboratories at the University of Oulu and has a strong collaboration with Saarland University (joint PhD student).

LiU contributes to SENSIndoor with 20 years of experience in SiC-FET gas sensor research, development and commercialization together with the LiU spin-off company SenSiC AB. Within the VINN Excellence Centre FunMat, of which Prof. Lloyd Spetz is director, sensor systems for harsh environments and high temperature applications are developed in collaboration with industrial partners. LiU also participates in the EuNetAir TD1105 network, of which Prof. Lloyd Spetz is deputy director, and Prof. Lloyd Spetz recently coordinated an MNT-ERA.NET project, SootSens, Soot sensors for a healthy environment.

Team members

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  • Prof. Anita Lloyd Spetz
  • Team Leader
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  • Donatella Puglisi

Div. Applied Sensor Science
Dept. Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Linköping University