SenSiC AB, founded in 2007, develops and provides sensors and sensor systems for high temperature and harsh environments applications based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) field effect transistor (FET) devices. SenSiC focuses its research on the SiC FET device platform, its interconnections, packaging and control algorithms for its various market applications like emissions monitoring and combustion control in bio fuelled domestic boilers/ district heating plants and internal combustion engines as well as exhaust after treatment systems (SCR).

SenSiC AB contributes to SENSIndoor with experience from the development and commercialization of SiC-FET gas sensors. Together with 13 other partners – universities, institutes and companies – SenSiC has participated in the EU ENIAC research project LAST Power for the development of wide-band gap semiconductor devices and sensors for 600°C operation. SenSiC also participates in the EuNetAir TD1105 network and has also been an active partner in the MNT-ERA.NET project SootSens, Soot sensors for a healthy environment.

SenSiC will focus on the adaptation of the SiC GasFET platform to enable processing, integration and evaluation of novel nanostructured sensing materials for VOC detection. SenSiC will contribute to the material design for suitable interfaces between sensing material and the FET platform for optimized sensitivity and selectivity and investigate manufacturing procedures for the integration of different sensing layers in complex sensor systems.

Team members

  • Mike Andersson
  • WP4 Leader

SenSic AB
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