NanoSense, founded in 2002, develops and manufactures air quality probes for low consumption buildings. IAQ domains are CO2, VOC, Particles Maters, Ozone and Radon.

NanoSense is a manufacturer of air quality detector and probes mainly based on solid state sensors. A first generation of Air Quality Sensor based on solid state sensors for CO2, COVT, humidity, temperature with KNX, LON and EnOcean interfaces has been developed based on Figaro sensors and is entering into production. NanoSense has developed compact algorithms running on low cost 8 bits and 16 bits microcontroller to perform accurate gas concentration measurement with solid state gas sensors. Calibration of thousands of units is performed each year with repetitive process and environment.

In SENSIndoor, NanoSense’s main tasks will include the identification and ranking of relevant application scenarios for indoor air quality monitoring as well as the development of electronics for sensor system operation and read-out.
Leader of work package 1, Definition of project priorities and requirements, and work package 6, Sensor system operation and read-out electronics.

Team members

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  • Olivier Martimort
  • WP Leader WP1 and WP6

123 rue de Bellevue
92100 Boulogne Billancourt