Picodeon is a Finnish disruptive innovations hi-tech company providing thin film coating solutions. Picodeon’s patented Coldab coating technology based on Ultra Short Pulsed Laser Deposition (USPLD) of thin films is a unique method which enables the processing of a wide range of materials into thin-film form. Furthermore, the coatings can be applied on many types of materials, including heat-sensitive materials as the process can be done at room temperature without causing heat effect on the material to be coated.

There are numerous applications in industries with a huge growth potential where the Coldab method can be utilized. Furthermore the carbon nitride coatings can be applied to enhance properties of existing wear resistant and transparent hard coatings.

In SENSIndoor, Picodeon is a provider of USPLD thin film coating services, thin film application development, including process equipment development.

Team members

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  • Jari Liimatainen
  • Team Leader

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