SGX SENSORTECH S.A. is a recently created company which took over MiCS’s activity in gas sensor development and production. MiCS (MicroChemical Systems SA) was founded in 1998 with the buyout of Motorola’s gas sensor business. Since 2001, the Swiss based company has established its reputation in the automotive market as a provider of semiconductor gas sensors. Building upon its strong knowledge of the AQS (Air Quality Sensor) function, SGX now offers complete AQS solutions to both HVAC manufacturers and OEMs.

SGX (MiCS) contributed to the development of innovative micro-nano-structured gas sensors within the EU projects NanoSensoFlex (Growth) and CleanRcab (Growth Transport). Nicolas Moser is working group vice-chairman in the COST action EuNetAir (TD1105).
SGX contributes to SENSIndoor as an experienced developer and manufacturer of gas sensor systems. Producer of automotive products, SGX is a key and experienced partner for mass production at low cost. SGX is identified as sensor platform manufacturer and also direct partner with end users.

Leader of work package 3, MOS sensor with nanostructured gas-sensitive layers.

Team members

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  • Christine Alépée
  • WP3 Leader

SGX Sensortech SA
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