Laboratory for Measurement Technology

The Laboratory for Measurement Technology (LMT) at Saarland University’s Department of Mechatronics was established in 2000 by Prof. Andreas Schütze with special emphasis on microsensors and characterization of microstructures. LMT focuses its R&D effort on intelligent chemical measurement systems, especially for the gas phase, including the co-ordination of the MNT-ERA.NET project VOC-IDS (Volatile Organic Compound Indoor Discrimination Sensor).

USAAR-LMT contributes to SENSIndoor with its personnel’s many years of experience in the development of intelligent gas measurement systems and national and EU collaborative project participation. In particular, LMT was actively involved in the development of innovative micro-nano-structured gas sensors within the EU projects NanoSensoFlex (Growth) and VOC-IDS (MNT-ERA.NET). Andreas Schütze is currently the co-ordinator of VOC-IDS and working group leader in the COST action EuNetAir (TD1105).

SENSIndoor Coordinator.

Team members

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  • Prof. Andreas Schütze
  • Team Leader
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  • Dr. Tilman Sauerwald
  • Leader of WP7, WP10
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  • Christian Bur
  • USAAR/LiU joint PhD student, until 2015
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  • Manuel Bastuck
  • USAAR/LiU joint PhD student
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  • Caroline Schultealbert
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